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The Customer independently decides on the selection of investment objects and bears the risk of a possible depreciation in the value of or loss of the investment objects. The past performance of investments is no guarantee of future returns. The value of the investment objects may rise or fall and thus the Customer may lose the funds he/she has invested. The Service Provider is not liable for the performance of the investments.

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Data protection

Mandatum Life Fund Management S.A.  (the "Company") process the personal data of their customers in order to be able to offer the fund management services and manage customer relationships. Furthermore personal data could be used for marketing purposes etc. The personal data of the customers is processed according to the law, regulations and other legally binding obligations concerning secrecy and personal data protection.

The customer expressly authorises the Company to share the customer's data with companies within the Mandatum Life Group.  Subject to the applicable regulations and if such is legally permitted, the Company may also disclose customer's data towards government authorities or entities, supervisory authorities or other individuals.

If customer wish to obtain information about the personal data relating to the customer that is processed by the Company, please submit a written request, signed by you, to Mandatum Life Fund Management S.A., 26-28 Rue Edward Steichen, L-2540 Luxemburg. Customer is able to give notice to the same address to delete or correct data that prove to be incorrect or incomplete.

The Company collect, process and analyse data concerning the use of the Company's Internet sites and web service, online traffic, events and other statistics related to the sites. The purpose of collecting the data is to study which parts of the Company's product offering and service methods interest users, as well as to analyse the needs of visitors to the website. The collected information assists the Company developing Internet sites and web services that would be user-friendly.  

The Company collect the address and name of the page that is visited, data about which page the visitor is coming from, information about the browser used, the operating system, language, the visitor's IP address and screen resolution. This data helps the Company to optimise the website so that it will operate with the most common data terminals and systems.

Information about cookies

The Company use cookies to ensure the proper functioning of their web services. Cookies are also used to collect the data referred to in the section above. Cookies are small text files that are sent to the user's computer and stored there, and which enable the use of the web services. Cookies are used, for example, to maintain the session of a user who has logged in. In addition, if so commissioned by the Company, their co-operation partners may use cookies for targeting the advertising of the Company's products and services, in order to collect data concerning visits to the websites of the partner in question. Data collected by using cookies is used to produce advertising for the Company's products and services that is targeted based on the user's interests. In targeting the advertising created by using cookies, the user is not identified, nor can the data be connected to any personal data otherwise acquired from the visitor.

If the user visiting the Company's Internet or web services does not want the Company to receive the above-mentioned information through the use of cookies, most browsers enable the user to disable cookies. This is possible, e.g., in the Internet Explorer browser by selecting the "Tools" menu, then selecting "Internet Options" and then the "Privacy" tab. Disabling the cookies function, may, however, cause the websites, or parts thereof, to become non-operational. Logging in to Company's Web Service requires the use of cookies.